Sales and Use Tax Rate Update – November 2010

The following changes are reflected in AR & O2C Network’s Sales and Use Tax Rate Calculator.

Sales and use tax data provided by Independent Systems.

Local sales and use tax rates are updated frequently. With many U.S. jurisdictions regularly adjusting their tax rates, it is important for businesses to stay informed of these changes as they happen. The following chart lists recent adjustments made to U.S. sales and use tax rates as of Nov. 1, 2010. Knowing which local governments are charging sales and use taxes and what their rates are will help make sure your payments are correct. (Note, whenever the rate for an entire county changes, each city within that county adopts the new rate.)

Scroll down to find a particular jurisdiction or click the following links to see any changes made in that state.

Alabama California Colorado New Mexico Washington


Taxable Entity Effective Date Current Sales Rate Previous Sales Rate Current Use Rate Previous Use Rate Comments County Douglas, Ala.(PM)* 11/1/2010 1.000%% 2.000% Rate Decrease ...
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