State Collections Laws

Each state has its own laws governing various aspects of debt collection, including relations between debtors and creditors, the practices of collection agencies and prohibited acts by debt collectors. The following table provides links to each state’s collections codes, statutes and laws, along with contact information for the appropriate departments.

  State Point of Contact Email Collection Laws Alabama 334-242-5324 Email online Alabama Collection Law Alaska 907-762-2104 Alaska Statutes Arizona 602-542-6187 Title 47-UCC Arkansas 501-682-5078 Email online Arkansas Code
Search “Business and commercial law- Title 4” California 916-653-3516 Email online Division 4- Commercial Code
“Collection Agencies” Colorado 303-894-2200 Email online Colorado Statutes- Title 4-UCC
“Collection Agencies & Debt Collection” Connecticut 860-424-5540 Title 42A-UCC– Click “Article 4” Delaware 302-577-8600 Attorney.General@state.DE.US Delaware Code- Title 6 “Commerce & Trade” District of Columbia 202-362-6567 District of Columbia Code Florida 850-414-3300 Florida Statutes
Click “Title 33- Regulation of Trade, Commerce etc.” ...
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