Biometrics—Say Goodbye to the Password

What You Are, Not What You Know

Most of us have seen futuristic films in which fingerprint or eye scanners are used to identify individuals, allowing them to gain entry to secure areas. It’s not science fiction any more! Also called biometry, biometrics is the science of measuring and analyzing physical or behavioral patterns to identify specific people.

This may take the form of a fingerprint scan, an iris scan (the colored part of the eye), a retina scan (the blood vessels in the back of the eyeball), vein mapping of a person’s finger, even voice or facial recognition, all using technology.

The fact is, biometrics are far more secure than traditional user names and passwords. As we become more and more reliant on online transactions, we end up with more and more log in information to remember. And trying to remember lots of long, random passwords is difficult, if not impossible, so people tend to use the same ones for many different sites.

This is an invitation to hackers, who know this. They’ll attack sites with less rigorous security, steal the log in data, and then try that same information to break into ...

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