Delaware Unclaimed Property Law Overhauled

Significant Changes Affecting Compliance, VDAs and Audit Enforcement Senate Bill (SB 13) was signed into law by Delaware Governor Carney on February 2, 2017. The new law, which became... Read more

State Escheatment Requirements

One situation that makes escheatment compliance so complex is the fact that the states have differing requirements — different dormancy periods, different periods for vendor payments, and different due... Read more

Unclaimed Property Aggregate Reporting

Most states designate a dollar amount below which only minimal detail information is required in your unclaimed property report.

States That Offer B2B Unclaimed Property Exemptions

Fourteen states allow business-to-business (B2) exemptions for unclaimed property, such as outstanding credit memos, balances and refund checks. Unfortunately, the state statutes are not uniform and interpretations differ significantly.... Read more

Unclaimed Property Reporting Dates by State

A table of unclaimed property due dates.

State Unclaimed Property Web Site Links

This table lists state URLs that lead to individual states' information on unclaimed property reporting and compliance for each state. (In some cases, you must follow menu links to... Read more