Delaware Unclaimed Property Law Overhauled

Significant Changes Affecting Compliance, VDAs and Audit Enforcement Senate Bill (SB 13) was signed into law by Delaware Governor Carney on February 2, 2017. The new law, which became... Read more

Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act Will Affect AR Compliance

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Reporting Canadian Unclaimed Property

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Unclaimed Property Spring Reporting Deadlines Are Coming Up

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Fall Unclaimed Property Deadlines

Thirty-nine jurisdictions have fall reporting and remitting deadlines for unclaimed property. This is important for AR managers to know because several types of accounts receivable constitute unclaimed property, according... Read more

Escheatment Primer

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3 Unclaimed Property Reporting Best Practices

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Missing Opportunities to Apply an Unclaimed Property Exemption?

Have you been missing opportunities to apply unclaimed property exemptions to your outstanding credit balances? Michigan recently became the 14th state to offer business-to-business exemptions of certain types of... Read more

Unclaimed Property e-Reporting Helps Automate AR Compliance

With the advent of NAUPA II format for unclaimed property reporting, your AR and credit departments can file their reports with states electronically, eliminating labor and other costs of... Read more

The Positive Side of Escheatment Compliance

Meeting escheatment compliance requirements can be time-consuming, but there are benefits, including reducing the risk of legal liability and fraud.