Guidance in Dealing with VAT Transactions

Within the United States, a retail sales tax is charged to the final consumers or end-users that purchase a product or service. However, in other countries, particularly those belonging... Read more

Drop Shipment Transactions and Sales Tax: Eight Key Points for AR Professionals

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Sales Tax Challenges for AR and O2C

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Puerto Rico VAT Update: Repealed

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What AR Managers Need to Know About the Planned Puerto Rico VAT

After a slow period of recovery coupled with deep budget shortfalls, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is turning to indirect taxes due to economic necessity. On June 1, 2016,... Read more

Sales and Use Tax Rate Updates Notice

Please note:  As of January 1, 2016, Avalara no longer supplies monthly sales and use tax rate change information that has been provided here in the past. Members can... Read more

Sales and Use Tax Rate Update – December 2015

    Sales and use tax data provided by Avalara. Local sales and use tax rates are updated frequently. With many U.S. jurisdictions regularly adjusting their tax rates, it... Read more

State-by-State EFT Requirements for Sales Tax Remittance

Table of electronic funds transfer requirements for all 50 states.

Automating the State Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Process Now a Best Practice

By law, companies are required to collect and remit sales tax in the states in which they conduct business. If your customers claim exemption from such tax, sales tax... Read more

Marketplace Fairness Act Primer

It appears the days of escaping sales tax when purchasing goods online are numbered. After years of lobbying from brick-and-mortar retail giants and tight-budgeted states, the United States... Read more