Are You Keeping Score?

Many credit professionals prefer to develop their own "scorecards" or internal credit scores to gauge a prospective or existing customer's creditworthiness. Internal credit scores can be created in several... Read more

The Z-Score Family, Now Including an App

It all started close to 50 years ago with a handwritten note that UCLA professor Dr. J. Fred Weston placed on his graduate assistant’s desk. The assistant, Edward Altman,... Read more

Growing Global Risk Justifies Move to Statistical-Based Credit Scoring

With credit risk rising globally, AR needs more robust risk scoring tools. For many, statistical-based scoring of customers will outperform credit bureau reports or judgmental-based scoring models.

How to use an Annual Report and 10-K to Your Best Advantage – Fourth in a Series

Deciding whether to extend credit to a publically-traded company? Find information that will help you decide in free, easy-to-obtain annual reports and 10-Ks.

‘New & Improved’ Altman Z-Score + App Launched

The venerable Altman Z-Score, designed to assess the financial health of existing or potential customers as well as suppliers, gets an update, making it more useful than ever.


You can easily obtain publically-traded company's annual reports and 10-Ks for free at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s web site. To learn how read Meet EDGAR.

How Credit Scoring Delivers a Competitive Edge

Credit scoring technology has been adopted by only about one-quarter of companies, meaning that adopters of this technology that increases sales, manages risk, speeds approval, and enhances consistency can... Read more

Using a Cash Flow Statement to Your Best Advantage – Third in a Series

Some credit professionals consider a potential customer's cash flow statement a better decision-making tool than an income statement. They want to know how much cash a prospective new account... Read more

NACM Debuts New National Trade Credit Report Website

The new NACM service helps National Trade Credit Report (NTCR) users by providing information on aspects of what is included in its credit reports, along with viewable samples, downloadable... Read more

Using an Income Statement to Your Best Advantage – Second in a Series

Income statements are one of many tools in a credit analyst’s arsenal. The documents record a company’s financial performance over a period of time, like a quarter or year.... Read more