Remote Deposit Capture Overview

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Check 21

The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, commonly known as Check 21, is intended to improve the efficiency of the check payment system in the United States. What... Read more

Dealing with Deductions

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How to Handle Short Pays and Deductions

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Mitigating Losses from Invoice Deductions

As products and services flow down a supply chain, transactions along the way are invoiced. Often, however, the customer remits less than the invoice amount citing some reason to... Read more

Dispute Management Best Practices

The workload for a standard collections department is typically divided into two facets: the collection of receivables past due for slow paying customers and the resolution and/or collection of... Read more

What You Should Know About Lockboxes

Lockboxes are one of the oldest bank cash management systems employed. Typically they are used by organizations with high volumes of check transactions, though many banks today will customize... Read more