Global E-invoicing Mandates Update—A Sea Change Starting in 2016

“In just over a year, the world of e-invoicing has gone through nothing less than a metamorphosis,” reports the October 2016 white paper, Tax-Compliant Global Electronic Invoice Lifecycle Management... Read more

E-Invoicing Mandates by Region/Country 2016

European Union Austria (Post Audit) – B2G mandated beginning in 2014. Belgium (Post Audit) – Not mandated but moving toward EU B2G mandate by 2016. Bulgaria (Post Audit) –... Read more

Colombia’s e-Invoicing Pilot Program now in Effect       

In January 2016, Colombia’s e-invoicing pilot program was rolled out as a means of combating VAT tax evasion as high as 22 percent, estimated at more than 10 billion... Read more

Global e-Invoicing Mandates: What AR Needs to Know

A growing challenge for AR departments is achieving an e-invoicing capability that can pass muster with the tough?and increasing?demands of global e-invoicing mandates.

17 Ways to Increase Customer E-Billing Adoption

Electronic billing is only as successful as your customer adoption rate. According to a recent Electronic Payments Association benchmark survey, the national average for customer adoption is 26 percent.... Read more

How to Get Your Customers to Give up Paper

Countless reports, surveys and white papers tout e-invoicing’s benefits. But, many customers are reluctant to accept e-invoices. How did a Fortune 500 manager convince his customers to accept e-invoices?... Read more

Is Mandated E-Invoicing in Your Future?

President Obama’s “Campaign to Cut Waste” may impact many AR departments. In response to the White House’s call to eliminate government waste, federal agencies are setting dates by which... Read more

Standardization Makes Legal E-Billing Succeed

Legal professionals know that when you bill by the minute, keeping track of your time and creating invoices can be an incredible challenge. It can also be difficult for... Read more

E-Billing Builds Momentum

As cutting costs takes on a new urgency, the transition from paper invoices to electronic billing is starting to take hold at many companies. Although large corporations lead the... Read more