A Better Way to Measure

Does this process sound familiar? Collect data we have easy access to. Crunch metrics based on that. Use that to update last year’s report. But wait! That’s not only... Read more

Four Practical Steps to Measuring AR Performance

  Jess Scheer Continuing Education Manager, IOFM It’s hard to turn performance goals into action plans without knowing how much improvement is realistic? If you’re already world class, how... Read more

Case Study: Using KPIs to Drive AR Continuous Improvement

Guessing at performance levels in Accounts Receivable is a dangerous prospect. If you have only a general idea of how the team is doing, you will not be able... Read more

An Inside Look at Reporting Structures within the O2C Operation

When the functions that comprise the order-to-cash (O2C) process are separated and disjointed, the result can be a poorly managed O2C operation that negatively impacts customer satisfaction. Organizations that... Read more

The Location and Structure of Accounts Receivable Operations

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O2C Performance Metrics: Measure to Manage

Organizations may differ regarding what is most important in achieving AR’s strategic objectives, but the methods they use to determine their metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are similar.... Read more

Benchmarks: Characteristics, KPIs and Concerns 2016

The Accounts Receivable & Order-to-Cash Network’s 2016 survey, conducted in the Spring of 2016, looks at O2C and AR operational characteristics including structure, order, billing and payment formats, and... Read more

Accounts Receivable Departments’ Tech Implementation Plans

Accounts receivable leaders are enthusiastically jumping on the technology bandwagon—and with very good reason. The AR tech market is burgeoning with new solutions to address the efficiency and process... Read more

Integration of the O2C Process

The English poet John Donne once wrote: “No man is an island.” No department is an island either—including the typical accounts receivable department. AR operates as an integral part... Read more

Collections Practices and Metrics

It’s not enough to simply send the invoices out—companies must also make sure they are paid. Unfortunately, whether due to a simple slip of the mind, blatant disregard, or... Read more