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Welcome to The Accounts Receivable Network (TARN), the essential, all-inclusive power resource for thousands of accounts receivable managers, collectors, directors, controllers and vice presidents. TARN's must-have downloadable tools, research and special reports will help you optimize receivable processes, maximize ROI, evaluate and implement the latest technologies, meet emerging compliance demands and prevent fraud. Representative TARN Member Organizations. Take a 3-minute Site Tour now.

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New Cash Application Benchmarks!
Metrics and Benchmarking
In Accounts Receivable, getting the cash in is often the hard part, but applying the cash and clearing paid invoices is a critical next step. An under-performing Cash Application function impacts important areas like cash flow and sales. So how good is cash application across the board? The latest TARN benchmarking survey provides you with the details.
AR Benchmarks: Cash Application

Collections Best Practices
Maximizing Collections Staffs' Effort Remains Best Practice
Today's gradually improving U.S. economy still presents special challenges to controllers and their collections staff. It’s clearly a good time to review collection best practices with your staff.
Maximizing Collections Staffs' Effort Remains Best Practice

Automating O2C
O2C Automation - Part 2
Technology New!
According to a benchmark report by Aberdeen, best-in-class organizations are 13 times more likely than other businesses to automate major process steps in their order-to-cash cycle and reap the rewards of accurate, timely invoicing; expedited collection of payments; reduced invoice costs; and real time visibility into the O2C process.
Automating the Order-to-Cash Cycle - Part 2

PCI DSS Compliance
Is Your Customer Card Data Safe?
In 2009, Heartland Payment Systems became the victim of the largest single credit card breach when a hacker obtained more than 100 million card numbers. Luckily the hacker was caught almost immediately, but this incident is far from unique. To combat such incidents, the PCI Security Standards Council mapped out seven goals for their compliance program and created 12 security requirements to support them. The following guide is a summary of the PCI SSC requirements.
Card Payment PCI DSS Compliance

Credit and Mexico
Extending Credit to Mexican Companies
With the cards seemingly stacked against your favor, it is easy to look at the potential risks of trading with Mexico and dismiss the prospect altogether. However, it is important to understand that every country presents its own risks and challenges. Romelio Hernandez, president of HMH Legal, offers his advice on what measures U.S. creditors offering open accounts to Mexican companies should take to create favorable terms, secure their assets, and collect on delinquent customers.
Managing Open Accounts South of the Border

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IOFM's Payments Summit is this year's must-attend event for mid-to senior-level managers and strategists involved with payment processing operations, treasury, cash management, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

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Order to Cash (O-T-C) -The cycle or steps in the accounts receivable process; it starts with the sales order and ends when payment (cash) is received.
See TARN's Glossary for definitions of accounts receivable-related terms and accounting terminology.

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