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Welcome to The Accounts Receivable Network (TARN), the essential, all-inclusive power resource for thousands of accounts receivable managers, collectors, directors, controllers and vice presidents. TARN's must-have downloadable tools, research and special reports will help you optimize receivable processes, maximize ROI, evaluate and implement the latest technologies, meet emerging compliance demands and prevent fraud. Representative TARN Member Organizations. Take a 3-minute Site Tour now.

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The Facts of Factoring
AR Processes
Suppose your budding business needs more capital to operate comfortably, or perhaps your company is established, but overhead costs are constricting your cash flow. Accounts receivable factoring may be the answer you need. A five percent fee is a small price to pay for cash in as little as 24 hours. And best of all, factoring doesn't accrue debt!
When, Why, and How to Factor

Unclaimed Property Requirements
Unclaimed Property Rules, State by State
Compliance | Resource Table
As states are becoming more aggressive in the volume and intensity of unclaimed property audits, their auditors are zeroing in on accounts receivable items. AR professionals are becoming painfully aware of their obligations and the stiff financial penalties for noncompliance. Compliance requirements can be overwhelming, as each state has its own rules. Fortunately, TARN's unclaimed property resource tables reflect up-to-date requirements for each and every state. See,
State Escheatment Requirements

O2C Automation
Order-to-Cash Automation: Part 6
Its no secret that order-to-cash automation can free up considerable time and money, but the question remains: are the savings worth the cost? Simply evaluating your current processes for inefficiencies can help you determine where money falls through the cracks, e.g. cost of paper and postage, time and labor spent filing, etc. Understanding how your process works manually will help you better gauge which options on the market can meet your budget and efficiency needs.
Automating O2C: Cost Considerations and ROI

Cash Application Benchmarks
Metrics and Benchmarking
In Accounts Receivable, getting the cash in is often the hard part, but applying the cash and clearing paid invoices is a critical next step. An under-performing Cash Application function impacts important areas like cash flow and sales. So how good is cash application across the board? The latest TARN benchmarking survey provides you with the details.
AR Benchmarks: Cash Application

O2C Automation
Order-to-Cash Automation: Part 4
Automating a customer-facing process such as the O2C cycle does not mean providing diminished customer care. The invoice will look and feel similar to a manually processed invoice.
Automating the Order-to-Cash Cycle: Part 4

Collections Best Practices
Maximizing Collections Staffs' Effort Remains Best Practice
Today's gradually improving U.S. economy still presents special challenges to controllers and their collections staff. Its clearly a good time to review collection best practices with your staff.
Maximizing Collections Staffs' Effort Remains Best Practice

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Order to Cash Summit
Chicago, IL June 16-19, 2015
The OTC Summit will provide billers and banks with the actionable insights and proven best practices they need to reduce operational costs, accelerate payments processing and cash application, improve reporting for forecasting and budgeting, and mitigate financial risks and potential fraud. The event is ideal for executives responsible for: bill presentment, remittance or lockbox processing, payments operations, treasury management, cash management, accounts receivables, and collections.

For more information on the upcoming events see the Event Calendar.
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Order to Cash (O-T-C) -The cycle or steps in the accounts receivable process; it starts with the sales order and ends when payment (cash) is received.
See TARN's Glossary for definitions of accounts receivable-related terms and accounting terminology.

Accounts Receivable Calculators
Links to several useful calculators.
Also see:
Sales & Use Tax Rates and Calculator
Tax rates updated monthly.

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