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Welcome to The Accounts Receivable Network (TARN), the essential, all-inclusive power resource for thousands of accounts receivable managers, collectors, directors, controllers and vice presidents. TARN's must-have downloadable tools, research and special reports will help you optimize receivable processes, maximize ROI, evaluate and implement the latest technologies, meet emerging compliance demands and prevent fraud. Representative TARN Member Organizations. Take a 3-minute Site Tour now.

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O2C Function Models
AR/Order-to-Cash Integration, Automation, and Performance Metrics
The various steps in "credit-to-cash" process (commonly "order-to-cash") typically belong to different groups or departments. While there are sound reasons for separate functions, in practice it means the process can be disjointed and disruptive, resulting in a negative impact on customers. This benchmark study looks at elements in the credit to cash process, the degree of connection, and the attitudes of companies towards taking a holistic view of the process. In addition, the survey gathers information on the level of automation companies employ in the various functions; and reports on key performance metrics.
Benchmarks: AR/Order-to-Cash Integration, Automation, and Performance Metrics

Top Ten Frauds 2014
Top 10 Finance & Accounting Fraud Stories of 2014
As the following stories amply reveal, AR and credit managers are regularly exposed to a wide range of finance and accounting fraud. These schemes can range from the creation of false invoices or phony checks to falsifying company books and records. Understanding how such frauds are carried out is critical in order to spot the wrongdoing of superiors or colleagues and report it. Bitter experience—reinforced by the stories showcased here—illustrates that even employees who appear to be above reproach can carry out such frauds.
Top 10 Finance & Accounting Fraud Stories of 2014

Customer Master File
Customer Master File
CMF: What and Why
As AR professionals are well aware, the volume of customer data flowing into a business can easily become disorganized, inaccurate, and out of date if not managed properly. Maintaining complete, correct, and current information on customers can help AR ensure a smoother flow of incoming cash and avoid potentially costly errors—improving the bottom line of the company. One company lost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in mailing costs because of duplicate customer records. Another company lost $8 million in a single month because data-entry errors and incorrectly coded customer accounts kept bills from being sent out.
Customer Master File (CMF): What and Why

Automate Deduction Management
Why Automate Deduction Management
Short Pays & Deductions
Is 2015 the year you’ve resolved to finally get on top of those deductions and short pays that drain your AR department’s time and resources while adding costs? If so, implementing an appropriate automation solution will be a key part of achieving your goal. Within the framework of an overall best practice approach to deduction management (including tracking of such key metrics as Days Deductions Outstanding—DDO), automation is an absolutely critical component for successfully managing and controlling deductions.
Why Automating Deduction Management Should be an AR Goal

Year End Close

Top 10 Business Bankruptcies of 2014: What Are the Lessons for AR?
U.S. commercial bankruptcies have trended significantly downward over the last few years, and for 2014 are on track to reach levels not seen since before the Great Recession. However, while this is definitely good news, AR and credit professionals should hold off on any premature celebrations, as there are several worrisome trends in this year’s data.
Top 10 Business Bankruptcies of 2014: What Are the Lessons for AR?

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Upcoming Events

Order to Cash Summit
Chicago, IL • June 17-19, 2015
Organizations are under pressure like never before to better manage their cash. That’s why IOFM/TARN created the first-of-its-kind Order to Cash (OTC) Summit. The 2015 IOFM OTC Summit will feature best practices and forward-looking strategies for optimizing the order-to-cash cycle, including accounts receivables processes. The event will offer peer-driven case studies, panels and roundtable discussions offering actionable strategies.

Payments Summit
Chicago, IL • June 17-19, 2015
IOFM/TARN’s Payments Summit will examine the opportunities, challenges and business drivers for emerging payments automation technologies and processes. Billers and banks need strategies for managing multiple payment channels and transitioning their remittance and lockbox operations from paper checks to multi-channel electronic payment inputs.

For more information on the upcoming events see the Event Calendar.
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Order to Cash (O-T-C) -The cycle or steps in the accounts receivable process; it starts with the sales order and ends when payment (cash) is received.
See TARN's Glossary for definitions of accounts receivable-related terms and accounting terminology.

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Sales & Use Tax Rates and Calculator
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